Fast Track Documents

When a lawsuit is filed, the clerk will provide the plaintiff with an ADR package for service on all defendants. When the summons and complaint is served on any defendant, all courts require, pursuant to local rule, a certain "Fast Track Package" of documents to be served on each new defendant or cross-defendant. This notifies the defendant of alternative dispute resolution options.

By local rule, the "Fast Track Package" requires service of Judicial Council forms. They are referenced by form number number and not included in the online local firm links.

The documents set forth a number of requirements that is unique to each county Superior Court such as:

  • A requirement that all defendants must be served within 60 days
  • A requirement that the proof of service be filed within 10 days after service
  • Scheduling of Status Conference, Case Management Conference, etc.
  • Discovery Scheduling
  • Department Assignments
  • Days and times when motions for hearings may be set

These documents vary considerably because they are unique to each court.

Fast Track Document Packages

Below are links to the Fast Track Document Packages on court websites that have posted local forms which must be served with the summons and complaint When possible, we have provided the "as of" dates, but you are encouraged to check with the particular court as to whether any updates have been made. Many court do not include complete packages, which is a challenge because not all court clerks consistently provide them when a new case is filed.

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