How to Become a Louisiana Process Server

Service of original process is made by the sheriff. If the sheriff is unable to make service within 10 days, upon motion to the court, a qualified person may be appointed to serve. A Louisiana licensed private investigator is presumptively qualified.

Except as otherwise provided by law, service shall be made by the sheriff of the parish where service is to be made or of the parish where the action is pending. LA Code Civ Pro 1291

When the sheriff has not made service within ten days after receipt of the process or when a return has been made certifying that the sheriff has been unable to make service, whichever is earlier, on motion of a party the court shall appoint a person over the age of majority, not a party and residing within the state whom the court deems qualified to perform the duties required, to make service of process in the same manner as is required of sheriffs. Service of process made in this manner shall be proved like any other fact in the case. Any person who is a Louisiana licensed private investigator shall be presumed qualified to perform the duties required to make service. LA Code Civ Pro 1293

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