Process Server Software Programs

Process serving software programs are relational database programs that compile client information, case information, service instruction forms, proofs of service, billing information, statements, and email status notification. The following have been designed to generate proofs of service that comply with the California Rules of Court governing "computer generated proofs of service."

Application Software
Product: Pro-Serve
Database Services, Inc.
Product: Process Server Toolbox
Island Desktop
Product: ProofPro6
Loyal Puppy
Product: Loyal Dog Software
Tristar Software, Inc.
Products: WinserveSQL, WinserveWEB
Product: Serve Manager posted an article in 2005 entitled Process Server Software: Benefits and Options which summarizing some of the features of process serving programs. The programs cited in the article are linked to a description by the developers.

Proofs of Service
Other programs will generate affidavits or proofs of service, but may not be accepted by a California court. California and New Jersey require mandated forms. For a complete list for affidavit and proofs of service requirements, consult the Affidavit and Proof of Service Requirements Guide published by Process Server Institute. "Fillable" proofs of service and other declaration forms for California and New Jersey state courts, and all federal courts can be found here: Fillable Proofs of Service Forms.

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